• It is called Mexican snowball.
  • Echeveria elegans is cultivated as an ornamental plant for rock gardens planting
  • As with other types of succulents, Echeveria Elegans should be watered in 7-15 days. Only 15 ml at a time.
  • The plant grows in rosette-shaped clumps and has striking flower stalks that bloom from late winter to summer
  • Echeveria plants do well in full sun to partial shade and are relatively disease-free.
  • The most common problem with these plants is
  • Mexican Snowball is a succulent plant which is popular as a potted ornamental plant. It features rosettes of unusual blue-green foliage, which are often densely clustered and may form a small mound. The leaves may have a powdery coating and may develop red tints at the tips and edges


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