Aeonium arboreum


Aeonium arboreum (Tree House-Leek) Live Plant with Pot

  • Included Components: Aeonium arboreum (Tree House-Leek) Plant with Beautiful Pot and Secure Packing in Corrugated Box.
  • Item Weight: Item Weight: 500g of each with Plant Size will be around 20-40 CM Length.
  • Manufacturing: Guruji Plantation, Is Assembly Required: No, Material Type: Natural Live Plant
  • Power Source Type: Partial Sunlight, Special Feature: Regular Watering and Partial Sunlight, Warranty Description: Not Refundable Product But you can replace if eligible.
  • Watering Requirement for the Plant is Generally Twice a Week. But it is Ideal to Water it whenever the top Layer of the Soil Feels Dry.


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